Capture the moment

Capture the moment

Stage Photography 

Icon 10 As you cross the stage to doff the Chancellor, our photographers will capture this important milestone in your learning journey.
Icon 12 Your stage photos will be available for viewing at our interactive kiosks at the Silver Rose Photo Centre after your ceremony. These images are available in print, digital download and video formats, and can be purchased and collected on ceremony day.
Icon 4 Alternatively, your stage photo can be ordered from our website. Each graduate receives a code when exiting the stage that will help you locate your imagesOrder Stage Photo here.

Portrait Photography

Icon 7 Silver Rose would like you to remember your Graduation Day with a complimentary (free) professional portrait sitting.
Icon 6 Our Silver Rose studios are located at your ceremony venue, and open before and after your ceremony. With more than 6 studios our queues move quickly to allow you and your guests to enjoy more of your ceremony day.
Icon 8 Your family and friends are welcome to participate in couple, group, and even large family studio sittings. 
Icon 3 Your portrait photographs are uploaded to our website shortly after being taken. Our assistants will provide a code that allows access to photography proofs to view before purchasing. 



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